in Political Strategy

There is nothing wrong with ”us and them”

The ones who are most successfully defining enemies and drawing lines of conflict right now are the bigots, the racists and the elite.

In the meantime, the left in general, and social democracy in particular, is working for the ”common good” and are going to great lengths to build political compromises.

This leaves great sectors of the society in a state of confusion. If no one is exploiting me, why am I still unemployed, broke, depressed and feeling alienated? The closest answer always seems to be the people at the bottom: the benefit fraudulent or the immigrants; or you yourself not being good enough at job-hunting or networking.

Any political campaign aimed at changing power relations in society will have to find both who ”us” and ”them” are. This doesn’t necessarily mean throwing bricks at your antagonists, just realise that there is a reason the change you wish to see doesn’t immediately happen — there are people holding it back.

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