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Podemos, Paris and Playgrounds

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An anti-austerity party founded in 2014, experimenting with new forms of democratic decision making and creating their own YouTube news just got 21% in the Spanish elections!!!

Leftists all over Europe, please copy and paste!

The Left Can Win, Pablo Iglesias
Understanding Podemos, Pablo Iglesias (long text…)

French people together with climate activists from all over the world defied the ban on demonstrations and took to the streets of Paris during the climate summit. The awesome Climate Games group has more than a hundred inspiring action reports on their website.

See the demonstration, the adbusting and the funny dresses.

The result of the summit? Looks like we will need a lot more of this.

On the techie side of things, a company called Bitnation are using the technology behind Bitcoin to help refugees with emergency ID- and credit cards. And the Backslash art project made new cool gadgets for activists, yey!

Also, Banksy is the nicest guy ever.
Banksy turns Dismaland into playground and community center for refugees

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