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Spring is here! #nuitdebout #democracyspring

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Spring is finally here, and with it a little bit of revolution in the air!

The Democracy Spring movement in the US staged massive civil disobedience for a week in April, to “end the corruption of big money in politics and ensure free and fair elections”. The actions, from the 11th to 18th April resulted in 1400 arrests outside of the Congress. Among them Rosario Dawson. And Talib Kweli supports it too, so you know it’s a beautiful struggle.

Sais-­tu ce qui se passe là? Various protests and strikes against new austerity measures in France have been going on for a while now, and since the 31st March an occupation of the Place de la République in Paris has turned into the Nuit Debout movement. Which I’ve been told means ”staying up all night”, but in a clever an poetic french way. Now they have a radio and a library and a newspaper and are spreading all over the place.
Read all about it in French:

Here’s a background in English:

And check out David Graeber’s analysis of Nuit Debout and the Panama Papers, how both the exploiters and the exploited are creating their own autonomous spaces.

The Egyptians are at it again, but this time the authorities have figured out how to counter their actions with pro-government dance parties if they use Facebook, so they’re relying on the encrypted chat program Signal instead.

And if you want to enjoy starting a revolution in the comfort of your own sofa, there’s now a crowdfunded computer game you should check out:

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