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Why not anxious?

I wonder how many percent of the population will have to suffer from anxiety before it stops getting treated as something caused by abnormal personal experiences. When you personalise a problem that effects a majority, you clearly must be missing the point.

My therapist sort of looked relieved when I said that I was brought up in the evangelical church — “there it is”. Yes, that probably contributed. But I also got anxious from the competitive grading system at school; the uncertainty of the job market when I left school; my growing student loan; the difficulty of finding a flat and the fifteen times I had to move in ten years; the police repression and vilification in media I got exposed to for being active against militarism and neo-liberalism; the prospect of climate chaos; living in a country with the fastest growing income equality in the western world; the rise of neo-fascism and the personal threat it poses to many of my friends; my dad’s early retirement for a rare disease, the lack of support from the healthcare system and ridiculously low pension he gets; the fact that most of my friends also have or have had mental health problems.

The real question to me is “how did I not have anxiety problems for so may years?”.

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