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The problem with people who only write books

To me, there is often something alienating about most left wing writers, be it David Harvey or Paul Mason. The analysis of the current situation can be spot on, but there is often a lack of practical ways forward. For younger people, and people who aren’t making a good living as writers or in academia, there isn’t really time to wait for the revolution to come. We need to see which the next step is, and we need to be able to take that step now. I suppose this has been marxism’s weakness since Marx: however brilliant he was at analysing capitalism, he was very vague about how ordinary people could break free from it.

If the next step forward doesn’t really involve you, but you need to give away your power to a party or wait for the historical conditions to be right or whatever, you are pretty likely to lose interest. But if you can in any way assert your own power and autonomy, however small it might be, it will empower you to keep going.

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