The obsolete nation state

The scope of the nation state is maybe only relevant for those seeking political power. But then again, how are they going to use that power when the issues are out of their control, on a different level? The only thing left is to keep the population in control and maintain the current order, which makes party politics easy for the defendants of neo liberalism, and hard for progressive forces actually trying to change things.

Does it matter if my country formally joins NATO or not, when there are US nuclear weapons stationed all around Europe and continuous provocations against Russia could trigger a devastating war? Will it stop the war in Syria and solve the refugee situation if my country closes its borders? Will my country’s commitments to green energy reverse climate change? What happens if a country like mine tries to go against the European Central Banks austerity dogmas (we already know that).

There is certainly an element of moral obligation and decency in choosing the ”right path” as a country. Just like it does for me as an individual. And we shouldn’t be defeatist, thinking that nothing matters. But as a progressive movement you might fool yourself that you cold actually do significant change on the wrong level. When our enemies are organised on an international level, we need to challenge them on an international level.

It’s not going to be easy to set up an international movement that can seriously challenge the corporations responsible for climate change. But it might be the only realist option.