About Petter Joelson

Hi, I’m a digital strategist with a background in peace and global justice movements. For the last 20 years or so I’ve started various enterprises working in digital citizen participation, open source solutions for civil society, participatory development and democratic ownership of digital services.

Get in touch for help with digital strategies or ideas for cooperation. 👍


2020: Takes the initiative to start The Online Meeting Cooperative, meet.coop, for providing privacy respecting video services, together with tech cooperatives in Spain, the UK and Canada.

2019: Founder of Collective Tools, a platform cooperative providing cloud services such as Nextcloud, Mattermost, Rocket.Chat and Discourse.

2017-2020: Sets up Civic Tech Sweden, the Swedish branch of Code for All.

2017-2020: Facilitated 40 projects for digital participation for young people.

2016 and 2017: Project lead at Intelligencia Collectiva, Medialab Prado, Madrid. Developed user documentation and installation scripts in cooperation with the city of Madrid for the worlds largest citizen participation platform at the time, Consul.

2016-: Founder of Digidem Lab, a development lab and consultancy for citizen participation that provides training and digital platforms for the EU Commission, New York City, Chicago and various Swedish cities.

2008-2016: Founder, developer and strategist for the web and communication agency Rabash. Developed digital solutions for Doctors Without Borders Sweden, Sweden for UNHCR, the Museum of Gothenburg, Friends of the Earth International and many others.

2001-2007: Web developer for various campaigns and organisations.