Beyoncé’s hot sauce, 99 Ballons & Basic income

My monthly round up of positive news and strategies for social change, the February 2016 issue. Subscribe here.

Beyoncé has hot sauce in her bag (yes, there is an explanation for that) and owned February: she did a Black Panther inspired performance at the Super Bowl, she dropped a video to Formation criticising police violence and through Tidal she and Jay Z donated 1,5 million dollars to Black Lives Matter.
 Last weekend saw a huge demonstration in London against the renewal of UK’s nuclear weapons. And a new cover of Nena’s 99 Luftballons!
 In the US, a poll found that young Americans prefer socialism to capitalism and would rather have dinner with Bernie Sanders than Jennifer Lawrence.
 And Apple stood up for encryption against the FBI.
 Finland is preparing to try out basic income next year.
 And the Democracy in Europe Movement, DiEM, that I wrote about last month was founded in Berlin. I wrote an insider/outsider account of it.