This is a reconstruction of what vikings used to look like according to the internet.

I’ve read that one of the criticisms that the English had of the Danes was that they were vain. The men wore eyeliner, carried combs, and were rather popular with the local ladies.

In history, Norsemen dressed more extravagantly and possibly notably more sexually provocatively than portrayed in the show. They dressed in bright colors, bathed weekly and used primitive hair-dyes and even came off as vain to some Christians.

[The Danes] caused much trouble to the natives of the land; for they were wont, after the fashion of their country, to comb their hair every day, to bathe every Saturday, to change their garments often, and set off their persons by many frivolous devices.  In this matter they laid siege to the virtue of the married woman, and persuaded the daughters even of the noble to be their concubines.

12th century writer, John of Wallingford